My Cure for Depression

My Cure for Depression

What if you have never been truly free? What if you have never truly experienced reality as it was meant to be? What if life was supposed to be much, much better for not just you, but for everyone around you? 

Our Mental Health Crisis

Most of us in the modern world suffer from depression and anxiety to some extent. Antidepressant use is at an all time high, people self medicate with drugs, alcohol and tobacco… yet when you look around, are people living happier and more productive lives?

Addiction, violence, obesity, suicide, homelessness, divorce rates, are all getting much worse. This isn’t just a western problem, this is a whole world problem. Parents are taking antidepressants and self medicating with wine just to cope. Their kids are taking ADHD medications just to keep their minds focused so they can participate in school. 

People are stressed, depressed, and anxious… this impacts self care, motivation, relationships, work performance, and overall quality of life. 

Image what the world would be like if we were all happy, kind, motivated, all running at 100%

So after 25 years of battling my own depression… here’s my theory… 

We all Suffer from Addiction

The reason you feel depressed and anxious is because you spend MOST OF YOUR LIFE in a state of withdrawal

When you are addicted to “something”… you experience a little “high” when you finally consume what you’re addicted to. This is what makes it enjoyable and addicting. You experience this little high and life seems okay for a bit. 

Yet immediately afterwards, you start the withdrawal process. 

What does withdrawal look like? Depressed mood, anxiety, lack of concentration, mental fog, racing thoughts, and an overall feeling of not being well. 

So image your addiction of choice is alcohol… you have a few beers after work, you feel pretty good! It's nice to be home and relaxed, enjoying your beer with your family… life currently is not sucking for you. 

Yet as soon as you finish drinking… whether you are aware of it or not, you start the withdrawal process. Let's say you drink a few beers after work each day. This means that for the majority of your day, say 21 out of 24 hours, are spent in some state of withdrawal. 

Looking at the symptoms of withdrawal… Do you think maybe the reason you feel depressed and anxious is because you spend MOST of your life in a state of withdrawal without even realizing it? 

Okay so this article is about quitting drinking?

This is about quitting ALL addictive substances. Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, sugar, and who knows what else, the list isn’t exactly small. 

87% of adults drink alcohol, almost 100% of people consume too much sugar, probably 85% of the world drinks coffee on a daily basis. 

The only progress we’ve made as a society is with tobacco… that’s at least frowned upon by most people compared to decades prior. 

The conspiracy is that, unless you grew up in very unique circumstances… you’ve never experienced life free from addiction and withdrawal. You’ve never felt as happy and calm as you were meant to feel. 

You showed up on this earth and your parents poured sugar into you, you craved it, you can probably even remember crying about it when you parents wouldn’t let you have more of it on halloween. 

As you got older you became addicted to other things as well. Coffee and alcohol probably came next. 

Question: Were you happier as a kid or as an adult?

Common concerns at this point:

“I like coffee, I need it to wake up and be productive” 

- The only reason you think you need coffee is because you are satisfying an addiction, you are feeling tired because you don’t have caffeine… before you ever had caffeine in the first place you were never chronically tired. 

“Alcohol helps me relax and makes me happy” 

- Again you are just satisfying an addiction, you were in a state of withdrawal, and having a drink, makes you feel normal again… the reality is you should feel even better than this all the time. Alcohol by nature literally numbs your senses, along with your ability to feel happy. 

“Im not addicted to alcohol, I can stop whenever I want”

- You are addicted to some degree, you’re just on a different part of the same downward spiral as the homeless man on the corner holding a paper bag. He started with a single drink too. Still don’t think it's addictive? Have you ever gone to a party and downed a 6 pack of Pepsi till you threw up in the bathroom? Didn’t think so… 

“Alcohol lets me loosen up and be better in bed”

- This one isn’t even up for debate. Alcohol is by far the number one reason for erectile dysfunction. Drunken sex is horrible compared to sober sex. The key here is for both people to be completely sober… sadly I don’t think this happens much in our society today. 

“Social situations will be boring without alcohol”

- If you walk into any situation thinking it will be boring, it will be. You have the wrong mindset. You are not giving up alcohol… you are choosing to not drink poison that only harms you and adds nothing beneficial to your life. If you walk into a social situation knowing you’ll have fun without alcohol, you will. 

Give it a try, you owe it to yourself

I’m not a fan of telling people what to do. If you think your life won’t improve much by quitting your addictions that’s totally okay. What I’m asking you to do is at least give this a try for a month or so. See what happens. I’m on about day 60 now and I literally can’t believe how good I feel, its honesty shocking, which is why I felt compelled to write this.

If you think this might help someone else more than it would you, please share this article with them, the world might be a better place if you do =)